In October, 2015, residents of the Mordecai neighborhood presented a Petition of Citizens to the Raleigh City Council requesting that a process be initiated to permit “Accessory Dwelling Units” (ADUs) in the Mordecai Citizens Advisory Council. The request followed a NCSU student project exploring ADU opportunities in the neighborhood.

Recent updates:   On November 8, 2017 the INDY week published an article about Accessory Dwelling Units, better known in our neighborhood as Backyard Cottages.  This has been an ongoing topic in the Mordecai CAC since 2011.  On Wednesday at the November 9 City Council meeting, Councilor Mary-Ann Baldwin brought the topic up again to council and her request was denied.  Following that meeting there were several news articles and an editorial in the News & Observer.

Please read the following articles (listed chronologically).  If you have comments or feedback about this ongoing issue, please feel free to contact Philip Bernard, who has led the Mordecai CAC efforts to have our community approved as a pilot area for ADUs.  

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