Bylaws of the Mordecai Citizens Advisory Council

In November 2018, the Raleigh Citizens Advisory Council (RCAC) voted affirmatively to approve new Citizens Advisory Council (CAC) bylaws.   Note: The Mordecai CAC voted against these new bylaws. 

The MCAC would like to adopt the new bylaws with a few key amendments. As one of Raleigh’s smallest CAC’s, we propose to amend these bylaws to reflect the unique and specific way our MCAC has evolved, successfully conducted our meetings and business, and maintained consistency in our operations over the past ten years.  

A motion was made during at the January 2019 MCAC meeting to amend the RCAC bylaws. These amended bylaws were presented by Philip Bernard and the motion was approved unanimously by a vote taken at the February 12, 2019 Mordecai CAC meeting.  We are now waiting for the RCAC to vote on our amended bylaws. 

MCAC Bylaws (PDF, fall 2016)

Bylaws News/Timeline

July 2018: Raleigh Citizens Advisory Council is in the process of adopting RCAC bylaws. The Mordecai CAC Leadership team met and has responded to several concerns.

September 2018:   The MCAC discussed the proposed bylaws at our regular CAC meeting in September.  The changes that the MCAC has expressed concern with by written letter are changes in our officer election process and changes in our voting process. Our concerns were not taken into consideration in the proposed changes. The proposed bylaws were on the schedule for discussion at the September RCAC meeting. A vote was not taken at that time. The MCAC is prepared to vote no on the latest version of proposed new bylaws:

November 2018 MCAC meeting:  RCAC bylaws were discussed at the MCAC meeting by co-chair Aaron Afarian. We decided not to approve or vote for the new bylaws. Co-chair Sean Farres attended the Nov 14 RCAC meeting and cast our No vote.

December 2018:  RCAC bylaws were discussed at the MCAC social by co-chair Sean Farres. Philip Bernard suggested that we make a motion to amend the bylaws at our January meeting, and vote on amended bylaws in February.

January 2019:  Philip Bernard, Dana Deaton, and new co-chair James Troxler attended the RCAC meeting and expressed concerns about the new bylaws, and alerted the group of our plan to follow the new amendment procedures immediately. At the MCAC meeting, a motion was made to amend the bylaws and vote at the February meeting.

February 2019:  Amended MCAC bylaws presented to the MCAC and voted on.  Passed unanimously.  Two city council members present at that meeting. 

March 2019:  RCAC chair announced that bylaws amendments would not be reviewed until September. We had no opportunity for input or discussion on that announcement.  

RCAC bylaws:
Following is a link to the final verson of the RCAC bylaws. These bylaws were adopted by an affirmative vote of the Raleigh Citizens Advisory Council on November 14, 2018 and acknowledged by a vote of the Raleigh City Council on December 4, 2018. Sean Farres represented the Mordecai CAC at the November RCAC meeting and cast our “no” vote after our objections had been discussed as at the September and October MCAC meetings and with our leadership team. The Mordecai CAC will further discuss how to proceed during the January 2019 meeting.

We will refer to this procedure, outlined in the new RCAC bylaws:

Article VII – Amending of Bylaws
Section 1. Amendments
These bylaws may be amended, changed or replaced by the following process:
A. The affirmative vote of two thirds of the members present at any regular or special meeting of the CAC, provided the mailed agenda for said meeting included notice of a vote on bylaws amendments and a description of the amendments.
B. The affirmative vote of two thirds of the members of the Raleigh Citizens Advisory Council. These bylaws shall then take effect 30 days after they have been approved by the Raleigh Citizens Advisory Council.

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