Please contact our Parks Co-Chairs Joe Layton and Sarah Roholt if you'd like to get involved with our 2018 Parks Cleanups.

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Get involved with the Parks Committee! 

Have you noticed the improvements that have taken place in our neighborhood parks and green spaces lately? That is because of the hard work of our parks volunteers! Co-chairs Joe Layton and Sarah Roholt have organized volunteer work days in conjunction with the very helpful City Parks department, and their efforts have really been appreciated.

Since December 2015, volunteers have been working monthly with city staff to clean up Poplar Street Park. The goal was to remove invasive plants. With guidance from Leigh Bragassa (Invasive Program Coordinator) and other city staff, volunteers removed a variety of invasive plants throughout the park including ivy and non-invasive smilax which had covered many of the trees. Volunteers also pruned shrubs along Poplar Street making it easier and safer to use the sidewalk. Later this year, the city will remove larger non-native trees and shrubs. With more sunlight coming into the park, we are waiting to see what understory and ground plants emerge. 

Team members cleaned up the Marshal Street green space on February 21, 2017. Volunteers continued invasive removal along park boundaries and the Marshall Park south end. 

Then on March 6, 2017, our neighborhood parks committee hosted the official Arbor Day Celebration for the City of Raleigh!  The City had many volunteers helping with the planting project as Neighborwoods Trees were planted along the Mordecai streets. Volunteers also replaced the trees lost on Marshall Street Hill.

So far in 2018 the group has spread mulch in the Mordecai Mini-Park, and had several cleanup days in the Marshall Street creek.  They will be repairing the split-level fencing along Marshall Street soon.  

Let Sarah and Joe know if you'd like to volunteer to help to improve our Mordecai parks!  

Parks/Open Spaces

  • Mordecai Mini Park 
  • Poplar Spring (located at the five points intersection in the Mordecai neighborhood)
  • Mordecai Spring (located on Mordecai Drive behind the Mordecai Historic Park)
  • Marshall Street Open Space (creek area at Marshall Street)
  • Meadowbrook Open Space (corner of Frank and Norris Streets, across from Conn Elementary School)

Community Center

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