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Develop CAC Agenda

  • The CAC uses the following document to develop each month's agenda. 

General Notes

  • Content and Agenda for monthly newsletters must be submitted to the City two weeks prior to the date of the meeting.

Mordecai CAC Leadership Google Group

This Google group, MCAC Leadership,  was originally formed in the
spring of 2008 to help establish three neighborhood associations
within the CAC. In Dec 2009 CAC Co-chair Reid Serozi requested that
this google group be used for CAC Committee communication, since
efforts around developing neighborhood associations were complete.

The general purpose of this Google Group is to give CAC chairs,
committee leaders, and neighborhood association officers the
opportunity to make some behind the scenes decisions and sharing.

Members subscribed to the MCAC Leadership Google Group meet the following criteria.

- Current CAC Chairs, Committee Chairs, Officers, Committee Members, and Neighborhood liaisons 

- Neighborhood Association Officers from the different hoods within the CAC

- Employees from the City of Raleigh Community Services Dept

(919) 295-0135
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