Special Annual Events

Yard Sale
Coincides with the Mordecai Historic Park plant sale.   
Date for 2018:   April 28

Community Picnic

The annual Mordecai Community Picnic is held on a Sunday afternoon in June, on the lawn at the Mordecai Historic Park.  Chairperson is Merrilee Jacobson. 

No Summer CAC Meetings
July and August, no regular monthly meetings

4th of July Parade
The annual 4th of July Parade is organized by Pilot Mill neighbors Meredith and Russ Swindel.  The children's parade goes through the Village at Pilot Mill neighborhood and ends at the Mordecai Mini Park.  Look for email and NextDoor announcements about this fun event. 

Ice Cream Social/National Night Out
This event is held in August, in place of our normal meeting.  We used to have a yearly ice cream social and in recent years have combined that with National Night Out.  The event is organized by the social chair and has been held at Halifax Community Center, Mordecai Mini Park, or the Mordecai Historic Park.  

Committee Nominations

Holiday Social/Elections
The holiday social meeting is held at a local business and is a fun way for neighbors and CAC leaders to enjoy our December meeting. Snacks and drinks are provided and families are encouraged to attend.  During the meeting we have a brief business meeting to hold elections.  The holiday social is organized by the Social Chair.  Past locations include The Person Street Pharmacy Cafe, So & So Books, Logans, and Galatea Boutique.

Stream Cleanup
The stream cleanup used to be a CAC event, and now is being sponsored by local business Pelagic Brewing. Please get in touch with the folks at Pelagic if you'd like to help clean up our stream! 

Neighborhood Cleanup
For many years the there was an annual neighborhood cleanup day right after yard sale day.  Basically, people cleaned out their houses, and the city did a special pick up of all the trash.  One nice thing about is that it would normally cost $50 for the city to come by and pick up a large item, such as an old gas grill. If you have a neighborhood cleanup, it's free. 

We no longer have a yearly cleanup, but cleanup days are organized as needed when a citizen takes the lead on organization.  If you'e like to organize a cleanup day for the community, please contact the chairs at chair@mordecaicac.org.