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  • Catherine Clodfelter

  • Brian Lee

  • David Plotner

  • Adam Ridge

Clover Lane Rezoning Committee

An application for rezoning was filed on May 8, 2022:

It is currently under review, and you can see a status and details here:

A community committee has been formed and is meeting weekly and having discussions on Slack. If you have questions or would like to help, please contact neighborhood leaders Catherine Clodfelter, Brian Lee, Adam Ridge, and David Plotner by emailing:

The committee is putting together a survey which will be posted here soon.

Join us on Slack:

The MCAC Clover Lane channel is open and welcomes any resident of the Mordecai Community. Email for info or join our Slack Workspace.

Committee Mission Statement:

The Clover Lane Rezoning Committee will channel neighborhood feedback about the Clover Lane rezoning options to advocate for the interests of property owners and residents.


Mordecai Place Neighborhood Plan/ NCOD:

In the early 1990’s, the Mordecai Neighborhood decided it wanted to participate in a city supported neighborhood planning process. In early 1994, the Raleigh City Council appointed 12 residents to a Mordecai Neighborhood Planning Task Force. Input was gathered from CAC residents at monthly CAC meetings as well as from “special” community meetings. From start to finish, the planning process took approximately nine months, culminating with approval of the Neighborhood Plan by City Council in September 1994.

The Mordecai Neighborhood Plan established the framework for the CAC seeking and obtaining two Neighborhood Conservation Overlay Districts (NCOD), a rezoning of part of the CAC from R-10 to Special R-6, and a listing of part of the CAC in the National Register of Historic Places. Considerable work has been done on a variety of other issues identified in the Neighborhood Plan, including pedestrian and vehicular traffic concerns. View the PDF document and maps here.

NCOD for Clover Lane:

Neighborhood Conservation Overlay Districts (NCODs) are generally limited to lot size, front setback and heights. This is the NCOD for Clover Lane according to the UDO. Note: the parcel is currently non-conforming. The apartments were built in 1967 before the NCOD was implemented.

Mordecai Neighborhood Plan NCOD, R-10:

b.Conservation District 2 (east of Wake Forest Road, south of Cedar Street and portions of Courtland Drive - see Mordecai Plan boundaries)

i.Minimum lot size: 7,260 square feet.

ii.Maximum lot size: 14,520 square feet.

iii.Minimum lot width: 50 feet.

iv.Maximum lot width: 100 feet.

v.Front yard setback: Minimum of 15 feet; maximum of 25 feet.

vi.Maximum building height: 35 feet.