October meeting minutes

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Mordecai CAC Meeting

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Trinity United Methodist Church

Co-Chair Reid Serozi welcomed 44 residents and visitors to the meeting.

The next meeting will be held on November 9th at 7:30 PM.

Online streaming of the monthly CAC meeting is now available through the Mordecai CAC Facebook page.

Police Report

Corporal Marx reported that no serious crimes were reported in our area over the last month. There has been continuing interaction with Capital VIP club and it may be closing.


Congratulations to Guy Caprioli who was awarded a Raleigh Neighborhood Recognition Award from the city for his work with Music on the Porch.

Congratulations to Ken and Merrilee Jacobson for receiving the Tom Oglesby & Dan Sears Community Builder Award. Dan Sears helped to present the award.

The neighborhood clean-up seemed to go well, Dana Deaton will report on this at the November meeting.

The former Dollar Store property was purchased last February and is currently undergoing renovation. The owner is looking for a new tenant.

The Oakwood neighborhood is negotiating with the city to share the cost of sidewalk repair, which affects about 100 homes. The cost is normally up to the homeowner, however the city planted many of the trees years ago. This may be an avenue Mordecai will want to pursue in the future.

Raleigh Parks & Recreation

Fran Hunter is the new volunteer coordinator for the Mordecai Historic Park. Haunted Mordecai events will included ticketed lantern and trolley tours on October 29th and 30th. There will also be a free festival on Oct. 30th from 5 to 10 pm with lots of activities including food, music, games, crafts, and a costume contest at 6 pm. The National Society for Paranormal Investigation and Research will be on site to reveal their findings from the Mordecai House and answer your questions. Trolley and lantern tour tickets ($10, $5) may be purchased by calling 919-857-4364 or http://reclink.raleighnc.gov, and at the door if tickets are not sold out.

CAC Chair Nomination

Hope Rollins has graciously put her name in the hat for 2011 co-chair. A vote will be held during the December meeting.

Featured Neighbor

No neighbor agreed to be featured this month.

Guest Speakers

City Councilman Russ Stevenson spoke with us about the high speed rail proposal. Of the $8 billion from the federal government NC will receive $545 million. The city council can voice their preference, however NCDOT makes the final decision on the route and specifics.

Doug Winslow and Kenny Smith from the City Inspections Department spoke about monthly inspections of boarded-up buildings. They will try to attend most of our meetings if anyone would like to ask a question.

A special thank you to Mr. Wei, owner of Peace China restaurant in Seaboard Station, for bringing delicious food to sample during our meeting. Peace China is also the sponsor of Music on the Porch.

Mordecai CAC Google List-Serve Survey Results

Survey results, with a summary of comments that were made and recommendations from the list serve managers, may be found here: http://www.mordecaicac.org/news/mordecaicacgooglelist-servesurveyresults. A motion will be made to accept the recommendations during the November meeting.

Rebekah Weber