Mobilizing Our Neighborhoods from the Inside Out

The Mordecai CAC invites you to help identify assets in our neighborhood.

Residents are encouraged to collaborate together by editing several maps and adding a placeholder to identify a business or organization. Select one of the maps below to get started.

Asset Based Community Development looks at each person, business and organization in our neighborhoods as assets.

Everyone knows something, can do something and cares about something.

When we connect these interests, experiences and abilities together it is amazing what we can accomplish in our neighborhoods.

We can realize our dreams for our neighborhoods and better address problems.

Before we know it, our neighborhoods have become more neighborly and enjoyable.

Our goal is to collect useful information to better prioritize and plan achievable projects in neighborhoods by linking people and local resources.

For more information about this program, the Mordecai CAC, or if you have any questions, please email  or call (919) 295-0135