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NextDoor FAQ

Q: What is Nextdoor?

A: NextDoor is a community focused social networking service for the Mordecai Community for communication between neighbors. 

Q: How do you I join?

A: The registration and joining process is completely automatic. Please Register Online using your credit card or snail mail to verify your address.

Q: How do I post messages?

A:  There are three options to reach your neighbors using Nextdoor.

1. Visit the NextDoor Mordecai Community web site for the full experience.

2. You can also post general messages by sending an email to the entire Mordecai Community:

3. Download the app from the iTunes Store

Q: I joined Nextdoor but I am not in the Mordecai CAC District

A: A new feature will be coming out soon that will allow near by neighborhoods to connect in a private and controlled process. More information will be posted soon.

Invite your Neighbors

The best way to get neighbors involved in the community is to take a few minutes to invite your neighbors to join NextDoor. If they live in the Mordecai Community, they'll be able to join Nextdoor with your personal invite.

Just follow these easy steps:
  1. Login to Nextdoor Mordecai Community
  2. Click Invite in the top right corner by your name.
  3. Click Invite by email from the drop down menu.
  4. You can also enter your neighbors email addresses manually.
  5. Enter a custom message. 

    For example: "Hey Neighbor, you should join this private social networking service for the Mordecai Community for communication between neighbors. It's a great way to meet other neighbors and see what's happening in the community."

  6. Click Send
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