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February 2011 Community Meeting minutes

Mordecai CAC Meeting

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Trinity United Methodist Church


Chair Reid Serozi welcomed 51 attendees.


The next meeting will be held on March 8th at 7:30 PM.



  • Nominations were submitted for Zoning chairs, Secretary, and Co-Chair. Voting will take place during the March meeting.
    • Zoning chairs:            Brad Carpenter

Donald Mertrud

    • Secretary                   Dana Deaton
    • Co-Chair                    Rebekah Weber
  • Guy Caprioli was elected Social Chair.


Police Report

Officer Taylor informed the group that an arrest on Dec. 6th was tied to eight burglaries in the area. He recommends that items of value be marked with some identifier (but not your social security number) for help in recovery and tying the item to a crime. Video and photo records can also be helpful. Please check your sheds, garages, or other places you might not have been in this winter to be sure locks and hinges are in place. Trim foliage from around windows and doors or that block light. Report street lights that are out or not working properly to Progress Energy at 919-508-5400.


Parks and Rec. Dept.

Annie Arreola informed the group about three upcoming events at the Mordecai House.

  • A hands-on tree pruning workshop will be held on February 26th from 10-12. This workshop is free but registration is requested. Call 919-857-4364 to register.
  • A yard sale will be held in May and items are being accepted for donation.


Committee Reports

ABCD (Asset Based Community Development)

  • One of the goals for the Mordecai CAC in 2011 is to improve the appearance of the Person Street business district. Philip Bernard, Traffic Committee Chair, is working with Reid to spruce up the boarded-up barber shop next to PieBird. Announcements will be coming soon with details and opportunities to be involved. There may be city grant money available for this project.


Traffic Committee

Three guest speakers.

  • Tricia Hatch, City Planner and Project Manager for the Capital Boulevard initiative.

A plan has been developed that includes:

    • Replacement of the Peace Street interchange.
    • Install a median on Capital between Peace St. and Wade Ave.
    • Replace/modify the Wade avenue exchange.
    • Extend West Street to Wake Forest for bikes and pedestrians.
    • Terminate Fairview at West.
    • Acquire flood plain for green space.
    • Devereaux Meadows parkland and stream restoration.

She invites anyone who would like to see the plan map or discuss the plan to stop by the UDC office at Fayetteville and Hargett Streets.

  • Eric Lamb, Manager, Office of Transportation Planning

The streetscape prioritization has been approved by City Council. There are about 25 projects city-wide. The criteria for prioritization was the 2030 Comrehensive Plan, pedestrian and cycling safety and demand, among others. Brookside between Wake Forest and Glascock was high on the list, lower were Brookside on the other side of Glascock and Glascock from Wake Forest to Brookside.

  • Tom Fiorello, Transportation Services Division

There are three ways to address traffic on neighborhood streets; speed limit reduction, multi-way stops, and traffic calming such as speed humps or narrowed lanes. For the city to make these changes 75% of affected addresses must sign a petition in favor of the changes.


Social Committee

  • Guy would appreciate ideas or assistance with social planning and activities.

 The Mordecai yard sale is scheduled for May 7th.



Paul Duke from Phydeaux came to talk about his business. This is a locally owned pet supply store that strives to sell high quality foods and products at lower prices. The original store is in Chapel Hill, Seaboard is their second location. Phydeaux will support the 2011 k93k, an SPCA dog walk to be held on April 16th in Moore square. Paul also handed out coupons.


Josh Witten from the Raleigh City Farm talked about this project. It is to be a market garden focused on growing food, composting, and teaching. They are to be supported largely through the sale of produce.


UDO activity for the March meeting



Rebekah Weber


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