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Follow up from the Neighborhood Watch Kick-Off Meeting

posted Feb 8, 2010, 9:34 AM by Mordecai CAC
By Shane Trahan 
There were close to a dozen interested member of a potential neighborhood watch in the Mordecai area and there was a lively discussion about what we need to do and what we could expect.  
Officer Charles Taylor talked about the types of crimes that occur in the area and discussed what types of things we can do about the crimes in the area. Officer Taylor was followed by Paul Reimel who discussed the organizing of the Mordecai Proper neighborhood by registering with the City as a Community Watch Group, similar to a neighborhood association designation, in order to tap funds to buy signs and such.
Paul reiterated that these funds can be used for other items besides neighborhood watch and it is hoped that things can be submitted to the city very soon.  Shane Trahan followed this up by opening the floor for a Q&A and suggested some ideas for people to chew on and welcomed others input as well.

The initial first steps are that we designate block captains who will carve out initial areas of the community and help to ensure that easy items be taken care of first within those areas. As a block captain, individuals would also work with people in those areas to make their block crime unfriendly which includes but is not limited to increased lighting, good neighbor monitoring and elimination of crimes of opportunity.

So far, there have been about 7 people who have expressed interest in being block captains and it is hoped that we can get a few more people in the coming weeks.  Be on the lookout for more information on our watch and if you are interested in being a block captain please contact me at

If you see anything suspicious please call 911!!!