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Help with Oktoberfest 2011 Event

posted Sep 20, 2011, 8:17 PM by Reid Serozi
Posted by Guy Caprioli

OK, we are close to announcing the 1st Annual Downtown Oktoberfest event on Oct 1st....

We need a few more local dads willing to chip in and help out.. If you havn't heard yet a few local dads where talking about how we all had these great Oktoberfest festivals growing up as kids.... Well, one thing lead to another and we now have a Downtown Oktoberfest planned for our neighbohood on Oct 1st 4pm-9pm between PieBirds and the Pharmacy.

- We have a big tent donated.
- The BounceRoom people are bringing 8 tables and 100 chairs.
- Pie Birds is handing the sausage and sides

- Klauses food truck will be out serving pizza for the kids.
- Carolina Brewing Company is handling the beer.
- You will be able to bring your own 1 liter Beer Stien if you want.
- Cafe Prost, the Pretzel bakery out of Wake forest is bringing out the Pretzels
- Music on the Porch is handling the music, sound and lights.

This is what we really need to sort out now....

- Help at around 2pm transforming the street into Oktobersfest. (basicly setting up tents and tables )
- Help at around 9:30pm transforing the Oktoberfest back into a street. (basicly taking down the tents and tables )

We could also use a few more tables and some help maning the ticket table, but setup and take down are the big tasks where we need some help.

If you have any interest in lending a hand, please contact Frank Fee at

We will be making an official announcement soon, so we are locked in at this point.. but we figure should be able to round up the help needed to pull this off..

The website is going to be