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Historic Changes are taking place at the Raleigh Police Dept

posted Jan 26, 2010, 9:07 PM by Mordecai CAC

Raleigh Police Chief Harry Patrick Dolan unveiled a five-year plan for his department and announced a series of sweeping changes that he described as "historic." (newsobserver)

 The Raleigh Police Department is going through a period of rapid and significant change,  making this a truly historic time.

What does it mean for the majority of Mordecai CAC Neighborhoods? 

Michael Ballen, Community Policing Coordinator RPD, hosted an informative meeting for the CAC’s and Community leaders right before the holiday break. Here are some key facts that were shared by Michael Ballen and Chief Dolan.

  • The Downtown Police District is moving to temporary facilities at 218 W. Cabarrus Street in January.
  • The Police Administration & Chief's Office will be moving to a new Police Department headquarters at 6717 Six Forks Road in February.
  • Implementing a five-year strategic plan that will shape and measure development
  • Realigning police districts to further enhance the delivery of services. See the new downtown Raleigh Police District.
  • Significantly increasing the number of police beats. Soon there will be about 20 percent more beats than there were just two years ago. 
  • Expanding the Community Police Officer program modeled on the successful efforts piloted in Southeast Raleigh. 
  • Creating a Youth and Family Service Section featuring a Juvenile Unit.
  • Adding a third Drugs and Vice Unit team that will increase enforcement activities in those key areas
Here is a clip from the meeting. Opening remarks from Michael Ballen. (turn the volume all the way up!)

So what is the next step? We will schedule time with Chief Dolan to speak during a CAC meeting this Spring. Learn more about the changes and understand how these historic changes are impacting our neighborhoods.