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Kudzu Park Clean-up - Nov 3

posted Nov 3, 2012, 5:15 AM by Reid Serozi
From Shane Trahan:

This coming Saturday November 3rd the city or Raleigh has donated a
number of trees to be planted in the Kudzu park area located at the
intersections of Marshall, Blount, and Mulberry streets. We are
looking for volunteers to come and plant trees in this area!!

The city recently cleared out much of the Kudzu and this is a unique
opportunity for our neighborhood to reclaim this area from the Kudzu.
The new trees will not only deter the kudzu from growing but will also
help to lessen noise coming from the trains that use the tracks on the
other side of the kudzu park area. This is a definite win win for
our community.

I cannot express the importance of reclaiming this area, the Kudzu is
highly invasive and if we reclaim this area with trees we can provide
homes for birds, squirrels and other animals that live in our area.
This will also add value to the homes in this area by providing more
natural space to be enjoyed by everyone in our community.

Please come out to the Kudzu park area between 9AM and 1 PM this
coming Saturday. Bring a shovel and a strong back and help us reclaim
the Kudzu Park area!!

I look forward to seeing you there!!!