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Letter from John Dombalis, MCAC Co-Chair

posted Jan 26, 2010, 9:10 PM by Mordecai CAC
(Letter from John Dombalis, MCAC Co-Chair)

Hello MCAC Neighbors, 
For the third year, it’s a pleasure to wish a Happy New Year to all our neighbors from Pilot Mill, Capital Park, Oakdale, East Mordecai, Mordecai proper, Cotton Mill, Governor Square Condos, Clover Lane townhomes, Meadowbrook, Lafayette and a small slice of Oakwood.
I’d like to thank Chris Moutos for all his hard work over the past two years.  We did the best we could setting up the Neighborhood Associations, and we chaired the CAC during some tough economic times.  Together, we learned that being a CAC chair is often a thankless job, with some long nights, and plenty of naysayers.  Chris, I will miss working with you, and I hope to see a lot of you at our meetings in the future. 
I’d also like to thank Merilee Jacobson for all your hard work as Secretary.  I’m not sure how long you have served our CAC in this capacity, but it’s been at least five years (and probably considerably longer.)  For those who may not know the Jacobsons, her husband, Ken, used to be the chair of our CAC, and is also at every meeting.  Together, they are as important to our CAC as anyone, regardless of whether they hold an official position this year. 
I’m very excited to be able to introduce some new leadership to our CAC this year. 
First, we have two new officers to introduce.  Reid Serozi, from 503 Holden Street, is our new Co-Chair for 2010.  Reid’s dedication to his community is very impressive, and his enthusiasm is contagious.  Be ready to hear a lot from him in the near future!!!  And Rebekah Weber, from 1206 Watauga Street, is taking Merilee’s place as the new Secretary. Rebekah has some big shoes to fill, but she’s been involved in this community for sa long time, too, and I know she is up to the task. 
Finally, the CAC business would not be possible without our dedicated committee chairs, which makes our CAC one of the more successful and active in all of Raleigh.
Please thank your neighbors for volunteering to participate:
Community Watch: Shane Trahan
Parks: Dana Deaton, David Plotner
Railroad: Shane Trahan
Social / Picnic: Hope Rollins, Margaret Henderson
Traffic: Philip Bernard
Web site: Dana Deaton, Jason Priebe
Yard Sale: Susan Judge
Zoning: Guy Caprioli

Reid and I will be working closely with the MCAC committee’s to bring some new changes this year. The CAC Chairs and committees will be working on a 2 year plan that will define the CAC goals and changes in an effort to improve the quality and safety of our neighborhood. With any plan, we will reach out to you for feedback and thoughts.  Our goal is to have this plan finished before the end of March, and published to the community Web Site.  Reid and I believe that, in order accomplish our goals, we have to be on the same page.  We have unanimity of purpose: We want to make our neighborhoods better.  Now, let’s come up with a plan together, and go out and implement that plan!  Kudos to Reid for the great idea.
As always, we challenge you to seek out more about the Mordecai CAC and get involved. The Mordecai CAC includes several downtown neighborhoods, not just Mordecai "proper". For more information, please visit:
So, we hope to see as many people as possible come out to the January 12th meeting.  Our very special guest is none other than Mayor Charles Meeker.

Look forward to meeting you soon,
John Dombalis