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Mordecai Community + Historic Oakwood Wiki Gathering

posted Apr 25, 2012, 10:11 AM by Reid Serozi   [ updated Apr 25, 2012, 5:37 PM ]
Neighborhood leaders from the Mordecai Community and Historic Oakwood are looking to document the history, assets, and knowledge of our two great communities this upcoming Tuesday evening, May 1st, at PieBird Restaurant. We are planning to add tons of content in real time fashion to the emerging Triangle Wiki

Attendees will get a brief overview of how to create a new wiki page, how to use the mapping application, how to link to other wiki pages, and how to edit existing pages.

Our goal will be to document as many historic houses, parks, places, and unique features that exist within the Mordecai Community and Historic Oakwood Neighborhood.

Event details

What: Mordecai Community + Historic Oakwood Wiki Gathering
Date: Tuesday , May 1, 2012
Time: 7:30 PM – 9:00 pm
Location: PieBird - 618 North Person Street, Raleigh
  • Those with extensive knowledge of local lore — of a building, neighborhood,  person, place or entire region — are encouraged to attend and share their story
  • Photographers — Each page of the wiki should feature a relevant photo, so photographers are encouraged to actively contribute to the wiki. Take pictures this weekend and bring them to PieBird on your laptop or thumb drive.

Do you need technology skills to participate? Nope. Just show up! Anyone who wants to contribute is welcome—this is not limited just people in the Mordecai Community + Historic Oakwood Neighborhood, although that is our focus for the evening. 

What to bring

  • Laptop (sorry, ipads will not work with the wiki software)
  • Docking cables for ipod, camera
  • Ideas, knowledge, and a keen interest in building a great community website
  • Bring money for pie and drinks!

What’s provided?

  • Wifi
  • Power & power strips
  • Wiki expertise
  • Motivation (if you need it)


We are looking for volunteers to pair up with citizens who do not have laptops, but have knowledge of the area. Volunteers would work with people who have stockpiles of information about the  Mordecai Community + Historic Oakwood Neighorhood, but may lack some of the tech-saavy skills to create their own wiki page. High school students, college students (hint, hint communications and journalism majors), and anyone else interested should attend. We will sign any paper work needed for you to get credit for volunteer hours.

This event is brought to you by CityCamp Raleigh—the Triangle Wiki initiative is another example of how using open source and collaboration is defining the City of Raleigh as a city of innovation and maintaining the Research Triangle as a leading technology region.