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Neighborhood Watch Meeting, Mordecai Proper

posted Jan 26, 2010, 9:12 PM by Mordecai CAC

Hello Mordecai Neighbors, 

Did you know - A Neighborhood Watch Meeting is being organized for Mordecai Proper?

The meeting will be hosted at the Halifax Court Community Center

Wednesday February 3, at 7pm 

Recent thefts and burgularies in the Mordecai Neighborhood has prompted some to take action. The Mordecai Community will be meeting on February 3rd to discuss possible approaches to keeping our community safe. Many of the crimes taking place in our community are crimes of opportunity which simply means that someone takes advantage of unlocked cars, unlocked sheds or similar types of oversights.  our busy schedules can often lead us to forget these simple tasks to keep our belongings safe.

The goal of our community watch kick-off is to formulate an action plan to try and tackle the issues troubling our neighborhood and to prevent these crimes of opportunity from escalating into more dangerous types of crime.   Hopefully this is just a start in improving the recent issues in the neighbhorhood and we can come up with some ideas on how to tackle this problem.  It is my belief that simply putting signs up saying that a community watch is in effect isn't enough to prevent crime in our area, it needs to have teeth and it is my hope that within the coming months we can move forward with a definitive action plan. We will hold our kick-off meeting on Wednesday Feburary 3rd from 7-8:30PM at the Halifax Community Center. Paul Reimel will discuss the registration opportunity with the city of Raleigh and Senior Officer Taylor with the Raleigh police department will help us understand what we can do to protect our neighborhood. I will float some ideas but would appreciate some of your ideas as well.

Thank you all for your support and remember that together we can all make a difference. 





Damian Maddalena from East Mordecai asked the same question during the January CAC Meeting. Excellent question by the way...

The Mordecai CAC includes several downtown neighborhoods, not just Mordecai "proper". We hope that residents from all over the CAC area will get involved and organize a neighborhood watch within their own hood or townhouse community. If you are interested in being a neighborhood watch leader for your area, then please attend the upcoming neighborhood watch meeting. For more information, please contact

It makes sense that we can learn a lot from the folks at Mordecai Proper and pass on the knowledge to the different neighborhoods within the MCAC.