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Oakwood Urban Hiking Club

posted Mar 9, 2011, 6:33 AM by Reid Serozi
Raleigh Historian and Oakdale neighbor Karl Larson will be joining us for
the premier Oakwood Urban Hiking Club tour this Sunday, March 13th,
departing from the Oakwood Commons at 11:00am. Karl will be feeding us all
the history and tales as he takes us by the following historic sites:

- Baseball Park site (where one of the Samedi Gras homes now stand)
- Brookside Park site (Oakwood Apartments)
- "Bungalow Row"
- "Vet-ville"
- Sasser homestead site
- Mordecai Plantation house
- Norburn Terrace
- Mary Elizabeth Hospital
- Site of the Confederate breastworks gun emplacement
- Briggs-Aycock house
- W.C. Stronach house

Here is a little taste of some of the history you might receive on the
tour: Norburn Terrace (212 Lafayette Road) - Its construction was begun by
Raleigh Att'y Thos. Argo in the 1880s. His wife died soon thereafter and he
never completed it. The empty brick shell was known for many years as
"Argo's Folly." The Norris family later purchased the property, and the
house was finished in 1898 to the design of A.G. Bauer. The terraces are the
only example of 19th century residential landscape architecture remaining in

Sunday's forecast is for 68 degrees with no chance of rain. Don't worry;
we'll be back in the neighborhood in time for you to watch the ACC
Tournament Final Game