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Oktoberfest, epic opportunity for our community

posted Sep 30, 2011, 1:23 PM by Reid Serozi
This Saturday from 4PM to 9PM about 600 people will be descending within our community to celebrate Oktoberfest near PieBird on Pace Street.

Not only is this going to be an outstanding event, but this will be epic opportunity for our community. This is the type of positive energy and momentum wanted to attract and sustain local businesses in the Person Street business district.

Do your part to invite friends, family and neighbors to experience our part of downtown Raleigh this Saturday.

Share the following the link,

Get involved! Volunteer this weekend to support Oktoberfest.

We are looking for volunteers to assist us with this coming Saturday’s 1st Annual Downtown Raleigh Oktoberfest on Pace Street.
Click here to volunteer