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Precinct 14, Rocks the 2011 Vote

posted Oct 12, 2011, 2:01 PM by Reid Serozi
By Sara Stohler, Historic Oakwood Neighborhood.

Once again, and perhaps more strikingly than ever, Precinct 14 outdid itself. While citywide, the turnout of voters was in the low 20% range, we had about a 30% turnout (counting the early votes, which are not represented in the official turnout #). We had 968 votes on election day and over 100 from our precinct did early voting, so we topped 1,000 and were probably closer to 1,100.

Here is a breakdown from the Wake Board of Elections website:

Precinct 01-14

School Board: Jim Martin 787 = Cynthia Matson 117
Mayor: Nancy McFarlane 792 = Billie Redmond 126
City Council: Eugene Weeks 584 (total votes cast for this office were 876)
City Council At-Large: Russ Stephenson 723 = Fitts 119 = Mary-Ann Baldwin 755

Transportation Bond: 814 Yes, 136 No
Housing Bond: 763 Yes, 190 No

If you want to look at the data, go to