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Raleigh Neighborhood Exchange 2010

posted Aug 11, 2010, 6:11 PM by Mordecai CAC
Want to be more involved in your community, neighborhood and the Mordecai Citizens Advisory Council?

Come to the Raleigh Neighborhood Exchange to find out how to make your neighborhood stronger and more vibrant. Share your best ideas with others like you who are working to make Raleigh a better place to live.

Break out sessions

1. HIGH-TECH, LOW-TECH WAYS TO HELP YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD GROUP FLOURISH Learn how to attract new members to your group and keep them actively engaged. Leaders of thriving neighborhood and community watch groups share their tips. 

2. DOWN ON THE (URBAN) FARM Learn how community gardens, backyard chickens and beekeeping can enrich neighborhood life, preserve resources and build a sustainable Raleigh. Hear from local experts on trends in urban farming. 

3. HOW TO FIND HOUSING IN HARD TIMES The shaky economy means more families are in search of affordable housing. Explore all the ways the city and other local organizations are helping people find homes that suit their needs and pocketbooks. 

4. SMALL BUSINESSES AS GOOD NEIGHBORS Everyone benefits from good relations between small businesses and their neighborhoods. Hear how local small business owners strengthen their connections to the neighborhoods they serve. 


6A. ‘HOOD RICH (offered at 9:00 am only) Look beyond your usual circle of friends to discover the talents and skills of others. Learn how to work together to improve your teen community. 

6B. DON’T LET FACEBOOK BECOME YOUR ENEMY (10:45 am only) Facebook and other social media are great for keeping up with your friends. Find out how to keep social media from turning into your worst enemy.
Mordecai CAC,
Aug 11, 2010, 6:19 PM