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Service Raleigh 2011, interested?

posted Dec 2, 2010, 9:04 PM by Reid Serozi   [ updated Feb 11, 2011, 8:15 PM ]
Does our community have a project that may be suitable for Service Raleigh? 

Projects in the past have included planting trees, landscaping, site restoration, and more.

Got any ideas? Do you want to be the main organizer to work with volunteers from Service Raleigh? Please email

Here some ideas from neighbors in our community:

Idea #1: With donations from logan's or another business, level out a small space and install a bench at the "sled hill" just across from the mordecai house. i walked there during our post-christmas snow and had nowhere to sit down or set down the diaper bag to pilfer through it for something. I am envisioning neighbors having a place to sit and watch their children play or watch the world go by with a good book. As city-owned property I presume they may have to serve as the lead applicant for this project or at least give an official nod to let non-city employees work on the site. (Submitted by A.H from East Mordecai)

Idea #2: Again with donations of equipment and plants (and possibly a bench), a large volunteer group could work with a landscaper/supervisor to continue improving the land at Norris/Frank/Brookside that was bulldozed for a sewer project. the Norris street side has been a spot for kids to play at the stream and for cars to line up and wait for after-school pick-up. I haven't walked there in a while, but the last time i was there the grassy area had not grown back after the construction work and it seemed bare with no trees compared to the rest of the area. i am not the one who could devise an appropriate landscape design, but I know we've got neighbors with both training and hands-on experience who could lead a group to dig holes and spread mulch. (Submitted by A.H. from East Mordecai)

Idea #3: The playground on Poplar Street is great and looks well-kept. nevertheless, it will always need fresh mulch and sand and could always use a quick evaluation to make sure play equipment and wood tables/boardwalks are in safe condition. i know the city has a department dedicated to parks and recreation, but with a limited budget and staff, they may welcome some extra hands and maybe secure some materials (mulch, shovels, etc). (Submitted by A.H. from East Mordecai).

Idea #4. With the upcoming urban garden, it may or may not be helpful for a large group to pick up debris and clear off the land.

Idea #5: We could always use help with cleaning out the streams that run through Mordecai! (Submitted by M.J. from Historic Mordecai)

Idea #6: Install bus benches as select, under-equipped CAT bus stops. (Submitted by J.Z from Oakdale)
Hello Mordecai CAC,

We were wondering if you and your organization would be interested in being a part of Service Raleigh this year?

Last year, we had over 1300 student volunteers participate in over 70 projects, and we're anticipating an even greater turnout this year.

This year's Service Raleigh is planned for March 26th, 2011 from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

Please let me know if this is something you'd be interested in, and the application for partnership is available on our website: The deadline for applications is March 4th.

Service Raleigh could not happen without the involvement of partner organizations. We appreciate your support and look forward to hearing form you soon.

I've attached a flyer with more information about the event, as well as important dates. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at