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Small central farm located in downtown Raleigh

posted Jan 4, 2011, 9:16 AM by Reid Serozi   [ updated Jan 5, 2011, 6:13 PM ]

Raleigh City Farm is looking at starting a small urban farm in the heart of the Mordecai CAC District. A proposed 1.3 acre lot is located on 
the west side of the abandon North Person Shopping along Blount Street.

Laura Fieselman, Raleigh City Farm member, and Jon Scott from Triangle Land Conservancy approached the MCAC to gather input from the community and help spread the word.

Conversations are in process with the owner of the lot, Hobby Properties, and working with the City of Raleigh Planning & Inspection Department. One of the main issues on the table is a zoning restriction that pertains to the property, preventing agricultural use. Triangle Land Conservancy is partnering with Raleigh City Farm to aid in the process of acquiring a lease with Hobby Properties.

The vision includes a small central farm that grows and markets food in the city. Core operations are self-sufficient, sustained by revenue from sales to Raleigh residents and restaurants.

The new farm enterprise will grow vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, eggs and maybe even honey using organic methods.

Raleigh City Farm members are excited about partnering with the local community and using the Mordecai CAC as a channel to engage with local residents. The farm will have many volunteer needs, but will also give back to the community by providing educational opportunities hosted onsite, healthy whole foods, as well as adding curb appeal to an empty depressed open space while aligning with the City of Raleigh’s sustainability vision.

Laura was very interested in the “Mobilizing Our Neighborhoods from the Inside Out” Program, led by Duane Beck (MCAC). The program is based on an asset based community concept, which looks at each person, business and organization in our neighborhoods as assets. Laura immediately recognized the possibilities of leveraging such program with a city farm in our community.

Members of the Raleigh City Farm are looking forward to coming to a future Mordecai CAC Community Meeting in the earlier part of the 
"This is an amazing new development. A year and a half ago eight neighbors explored their interest in community gardens. Empty lots were explored; nothing developed. But the vision was a seed. A couple people made connections. Now it's possible that an urban farm will bloom on an unsightly property. Amazing. Some questions stir in my mind: what assets will the urban farm bring to our neighborhoods? What can we neighbors bring to the farm?
- Duane Beck from North Blount Street District
year, so residents can learn more, ask questions and provide feedback.

How can we as community help this opportunity become a reality?

The farm already has a several needs.
  • Experience with zoning issues
  • Grant writer
  • Growing food
  • Website
  • Landscape designers
  • Organizing educational programs
  • Writing business plans
Send email to Raleigh City Farm at