The Mordecai welcomes citizens to get involved with a committee. Some are short term commitments, others meet a few times a year, and others are ongoing.

Official committee descriptions from our bylaws: (Note- these descriptions and our bylaws will be updated Fall 2021. We have added several new committees and renamed others, see above.)

  1. Annual Picnic and Social Committee - - responsible for planning and organizing the three main MCAC social events which are held each year - - the Annual Picnic in June, the annual Ice Cream Social in August, and the Annual Holiday Party in December. This committee shall require two committee chairs - - one to independently plan and coordinate the Annual Picnic committee and one to plan and coordinate the Annual Ice Cream Social and the Annual Holiday Party.

  2. Parks and Open Spaces - - responsible for overseeing the continued maintenance and upkeep of the City parks and open spaces located within the MCAC boundaries. Two co-chairs are recommended for this committee and are responsible for connecting with City staff to plan and execute clean-up projects to keep the parks, open spaces, and stream areas from becoming overgrown and littered with trash.

  3. Community Watch and Railroads - - responsible for monitoring crime activity which threatens the safety and well-being of the residents within the MCAC boundaries and to be vigilant about disruptive CSX and Norfolk Southern activity in the railway corridor within the MCAC boundaries. One or two chairs are recommended for this committee depending on the level of crime and train activity which may cause disturbance to the adjacent MCAC neighborhoods. The chair or co-chairs are responsible for maintaining contact with representatives from the Raleigh Police Department and the CSX and Norfolk Southern Railways as issues and complaints arise and to communicate special instructions and information to MCAC residents regarding these activities.

  4. Neighborhood Clean-up and Annual Yard Sale - - responsible for scheduling and promoting a neighborhood clean-up during years when provided by the City and then scheduling and promoting the yard sale. This committee requires two co-chairs to help organize and promote the Clean-Up and the Annual Yard Sale to follow.

  5. Zoning and Future Development - - responsible for monitoring requests re: changes in zoning and for researching and presenting information to the MCAC about future development within the MCAC boundaries. This committee requires two co-chairs to monitor requests and to hold community information sessions where more information about the zoning requests can be evaluated. This committee should be proactive in gathering information about potential and future development concerns facing the MCAC and presenting their findings to the MCAC at monthly meetings..

  6. Traffic and Streetscape - - responsible for monitoring traffic and streetscape related activity within the MCAC boundaries. This committee should have one to two co-chairs who can help provide contacts and information about any aspect of traffic concerns such as speeding, speed limits, traffic calming, signal lights, stop signs, etc. The committee should work closely with City planning and public works committees to advocate for better road diets, traffic operation, and streetscapes within the MCAC boundaries.

  7. Communications and Website - - responsible for keeping MCAC residents informed about all MCAC and MCAC committee information and activities occurring within the MCAC boundaries and from the City. This committee should have one or two co-chairs who are responsible for sending out MCAC announcements, keeping the MCAC website up to date, communicating with the CAC via social media and archiving MCAC monthly meeting minutes on the MCAC website.

  8. Awards and Grants Committee - - responsible for identifying the various City and community awards available to our CAC and establishing a protocol for nominating the appropriate entities and persons that qualify for and deserve to receive and be acknowledged for these awards. This committee should also be responsible for identifying and applying for grants that are applicable to our CAC and which are available from the City and other appropriate and eligible funding sources

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