Barbershop Art Gallery

Welcome to the community driven art gallery located in the north end of downtown Raleigh.

In March of 2011, The Mordecai Citizens Advisory Council and the Chelsea Realty Group partnered to develop a community project to provide a face lift to the outside of the old barber store located on North Person Street.

This winter, we hope to launch the Barbershop "Window" Art Gallery. The Art Gallery will be completely driven by community volunteers with the goal to provide beautiful art to the Person Street Business District. Large interior showcase boxes were constructed, so hanging and 3D art could be admired through the windows. Solar generated lights will provide a glow of light. Art work will be changed out every two months if art donations and volunteer resources allow.


What is the size of the showcase boxes?

5 X 4 X 2.5

Is this building vacant?

The building is listed as vacant and the city will not be taking action. Typically, vacant building have plywood attached on the outside of the windows to safeguard the building. The interior showcase boxes were constructed to safeguard the windows from the inside, so we didn't have to board up the windows from the outside. Each step of this project has been reviewed by the assigned city inspector.

Which direction does the window boxes face?

The store front faces west with no sun protection.

Will I be able to display my contact info or price?


Will my art work be insured ?

No, we have no protection over theft, fire or damage. Please display art work at your own risk.

How do I submit my art work for display?