2023-24 Monthly Meetings- Second Tuesday, 5:30 OR 7:30

MCAC meeting minutes are included in our monthly newsletter.  Videos of the monthly meetings are also posted on our facebook page. 

Yard Sale

Community Picnic

4th of July Parade

National Night Out

Holiday Social

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2020 Monthly Meetings- 7:30-8:30pm, Mordecai Visitors Center

January 14 Mordecai Visitors Center

February 11 Mordecai Visitors Center

March 10 Mordecai Visitors Center

April 14- zoom

May 12 -zoom

June 9 - zoom

September 8 -zoom

October 13 -zoom

November 10 -zoom

December 8 - holiday social -cancelled

Spring 2021

January-June, Second Tuesday meetings on zoom

2022-23 Monthly Meetings