Zoning Duties

Become familiar with how to research zoning of properties in the neighborhood, and with what the City Code allows and doesn't allow for each zoning designation. Represent the CAC with zoning issues in the form of presenting at council, commission hearing, public hearings and in the media. Communicate with city staff members and the CAC assigned planning city staff member to inquire zoning issues. Aid in the process of gathering citizen signatures in the event a petition is needed.


Each Month, the Board of Adjustment agenda items are emailed to the CAC Co-Chairs by the Community Services Department.

Action: Scan the agenda items and look for cases flagged with "Mordecai CAC" in yellow. (see example below)


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FYI: The Board of Adjustment is a "quasi-judicial" Board that acts like a court. Its members are appointed by the City Council to serve two-year terms. All testimony received is "sworn" testimony. At the meeting, the Secretary will read the request as written on the agenda. The Zoning Inspector will explain how the request does or does not meet the requirements of the Code. The applicant, after being sworn, testifies and presents information regarding the case. The proponents or opponents then have the opportunity to comment after being sworn to speak. The applicant can rebut any testimony given.