CAC "Community" Google Group

The Mordecai CAC "Community" Google Group is no longer used. In 2013 the neighborhood officially began using NextDoor.

This page is kept online for reference, and because it took us forever to develop these guidelines :)

Mordecai CAC "Community" Google Group Guidelines

- - Revised May 2011

How to Join


Click on "Sign in and apply for membership"

Group Administrators

The Google Group is monitored by three group administrators who are responsible for verifying and accepting new members, monitoring posting activity of the group, and enforcing the posting guidelines. If a member is abusing the list by posting inappropriate e-mails, they will be contacted by the group administrators and can be removed from the list if necessary.

The group has several volunteer Google Group Moderators


The goal of this group is to bring people together within the Mordecai CAC community. The group provides a “listserve” type forum where members can automatically post information of communitywide interest and City of Raleigh sponsored programs and events. Members are asked to help keep posts concise and to the point, refrain from advertising, and keep “threads” to a minimum length.

The Google Group is a non-moderated group meaning that posts are not screened before they appear. Therefore, it is suggested that members ask themselves before posting: “Is my post truly an item of communitywide interest or does it constitute any form of advertising?” Our ultimate goal is to provide a spam free, community information site that minimizes the number of emails added to our IN BOXES on a daily basis.

Pertinent issues for the group may include any item that would be discussed at a CAC meeting or fall under the auspices of a CAC committee - - for example discussions on zoning, traffic, safety, the picnic, neighborhood watch, parks, stream clean-up. City sponsored events happening downtown are also welcome since we are a part of the downtown community. Only members can view group content and group members list, upload files, and create pages. Only members can post.

No Advertising Rule

Advertising is defined here as posting any item for sale or service or event where there is a charge, ticket, or entry fee. Advertising is not allowed on the group because if everyone were to advertise, our In Boxes would be continually full. Members who post in error will receive a friendly reminder off group reminding them to post according to the guidelines. Until an alternate venue for members to advertise is established, please adhere to our “no advertising” policy.

Encouraged/Discouraged Posts

These are a sampling of posts that are encouraged/discouraged. Use these examples and common sense to act as a guide in posting.


Missing pet reports

Requests for recommendation for service provider such as electrician or plumber, etc.

Announcement of free items placed at front curb

Suspicious activity on your street or in your neighborhood

Opening announcement for “bricks and mortar” businesses within CAC boundaries

Event announcements and news updates from the Mordecai Historic Park

Opportunities to volunteer for community projects

Occasional teenager requests to provide babysitting or lawn services


Advertising of Any Kind - - Houses for Sale or Rent, Yard sales, Personal or Business Items for sale.

Religious or political based announcements

Off the wall, rude, or unfriendly comments

Long ongoing threads or philosophical discussions

Unsolicited recommendations

Announcements of fundraisers not affiliated with the MCAC or City of Raleigh