Community Email Announcements and Alerts

The following page is Information for MCAC chairs in the community who wish to use our MailChimp account. If you are resident, please visit the communication page for more information about subscribing to announcements.

Create an account

    1. Visit,
    2. Sign up for FREE using your personal email address.
    3. Email the communications chair - to ask for your account to be linked to the MCAC account and to explain how you want to use the Mailchimp lists. Please include your mailchimp account username.

Access the MCAC mailchimp account

    1. Once invited to have your personal mailchimp account linked to the MCAC account, accept the invitation by clicking the link in the invitation email. Proceed signing into using your personal login ID created earlier if prompted.
    2. Cick "Accounts" tab and scroll to "Account Keys" from the drop down menu located at the bottom.
    3. You will see the invitation in the "Access to Other Accounts" section of the page.
    4. Click on "login" Mordecai CAC.

How to Send Out a Community Announcement

    1. Select "Create and send a Campaign"
    2. Which list would you like to send this campaign to? Select "send to entire list"
    3. Enter Campaign Info for the announcement email.
      1. Name your campaign, only used for internal or logging use.
      2. Enter a descriptive message subject. Do not repeat the words "Mordecai" or "CAC".
      3. From name: "Mordecai CAC Announce"
      4. reply-to email: Please use an official email address. Not your personal email address.
      5. Check "personalize the "To:" field is OPTIONAL.
    1. Select Next
    2. Select the "Mordecai CAC Standard" template.
    1. Write the announcement email using the editor within the browser.
      1. Do not change the theme, colors, or fonts
      2. You can hide the themes along the ride side.
      3. Select the "Header" tab, select "edit" in the highlighted box, and type a short teaser of your email's content or delete the existing text.
      4. Select the "Body" tab, select "edit" in the highlighted box, and type the main body of your email.
      5. Do not change the footer.
    1. Select Next
    2. Review the plain-text message version, typically no action from you is required
    3. Select Next
    4. Review the announcement email.
      1. Select "popup preview" or "send test"
      2. Check the List, subject line, reply to email
    5. You can send the e-mail now or save it for later.
      1. Select Save & Exit (top right corner)
      2. Select "Send" (bottom left corner)
    6. All done, thanks!