List Serve Manager Duties (Google Group Moderators)- Archived Page


This page is for the MCAC Google Group Moderators / Managers.


Dana Deaton, Shane Trahan and Philip Bernard

How to contact the Google Group Moderators

Volunteer Time:

Each Manager takes a 4 month turn with the other 2 managers to monitor the google group


Approving / Rejecting New Members

Send out the following email to the resident / business owner requesting to join

Thanks for asking to become a member of the MCAC Google Group. In order to cut down on spammers, we ask that you verify your street address. Please remember that advertising is not allowed on the list serve. For a complete list of guidelines, please go to:


Daily monitoring the google group threads and make sure things go according to the guidelines.

Moderate conversations or discussions where the guidelines are being called into question.

Suggested Messages from the List Server Manager

When a member advertises or posts improperly, Notify the resident off list serve with the following message:

Please remember that advertising (or other improper post) is not allowed on the list serve. For a list of guidelines, please go to:

If you have any questions, please contact me.

List Serve Manager