Southeast High Speed Rail Project - Get the facts!

Post date: Jul 27, 2010 1:49:15 AM

From Shane Trahan, CAC RailRoad Committee Chair

There are proposals on the table indicating that the High speed Rail should be routed through the CSX/Mordecai side or the Norfolk Southern/Five Points side of Capital Boulevard. The initial plans for the high speed rail had the train going by our neighborhood however at the DOT's request an impact study was done to run these items through the other side of Capital. Norfolk Southern has been working hard with the communities on their side of Capital to keep the high speed rail out of their yard and is trying to gather community support. CSX, has been rather quiet and hasn't said much to bolster their view of this plan and I did talk with a representative about this issue. CSX is still evaluating the proposal and has no official position yet. When they do, they are going to contact us and the N&O to let everyone know what they think. the Mordecai Community has worked with CSX before and they have been accommodating to the best of their ability, there is always room for improvement however we have a good communication channel with them at this point so hopefully we hear from them soon.

So here are some facts for everyone to consider.

    1. Any freight business CSX or Norfolk Southern will not want passenger rail interrupting their freight operations. Neither of them will let this happen without a fight. So whether it is on the east or west side, it doesn't freight will probably still move through these rail yards.
    2. The city of Raleigh is looking to build a "Central Station" in downtown so these plans may affect the route taken from the high speed rail
    3. Money HAS NOT BEEN ALLOCATED to do this work. Everyone is going under the assumption that it will be.
    4. Either route will have an impact on us.
    5. Public Comment will be accepted until August 30th 2010
    6. A Passenger Rail Task Force has been established to advise City Council on which route should be used. Their recommendation is to be sent to council by August 3rd 2010.
    7. The Passenger Rail Task Force will be meeting this coming Thursday to draft and finalize their recommendation to council
    8. The Downtown Living Advocacy Group ( currently supports the Norfolk Southern Route
    9. City officials are for the Norfolk Southern Route (
    10. You can download a map of our area by clicking here (caution! large file)
    11. Lastly, there is a public hearing tonight at the Convention Center. Public hearings will be held from 7-9 and an open house from 5 to 7pm

The Mordecai CAC as of yet doesn't have an official position on the routing of the High Speed Rail. It has been assumed for quite some

time that it was coming on our side of the tracks so this change is a new twist on this topic. I will be attending the open house and

hearing tonight and I strongly encourage those that are interested to attend as well.

Comments on the rail project can be sent the following ways.

Email the Co- Chairs of the Passenger Rail Task Force who will be advising City Council (send before Thursday) William Anderson Allen, III-Co-Chair Maha Chambliss, PE-Co-Chair

Send items directly to the SEHSR

Attend the Public Hearing tonight from 7-9 PM at the Raleigh Convention Center

More information can be obtained from