Southeast High Speed Rail Project - Public Hearing Summary

Post date: Jul 27, 2010 2:27:04 AM

There were a handful of Mordecai Residents at the CAC meeting and we were able to listen to some of the things that were being said. A majority of the comments could be expected such opposition to the rail coming through Five Points by those residents and others simply opposing the idea outright. The best thing about the public hearing was the open house which immediately preceded the public hearing. We were able to ask questions directly to the people involved and get needed information directly from the source.

We found out the following:

1. Should the train go through the CSX yard there is ample right of way through the Mordecai CAC so as not to warrant any eminent domain actions being taken.

2. The frequency of trains are at least two a day. One heading south, another north each day. This would increase according to demand of the rail.

3. CSX still has not released any official statement however a representative of CSX has been contacted and once more information is known, we will be the first to know.

4. There is currently planned to be noise barrier walls along the rail path extending from the Mulberry/Marshall Street intersection to somewhere close to Wake Forest road.

5. The passenger rail should not have an impact on the amount of freight moving through the neighborhood. CSX generates revenue from the freight moving through the yard, not passengers so it is in their best interest to protect this revenue stream.

6. Costs associated with the Norfolk Southern route will be more expensive but is supposed to grant more options for the proposed Raleigh Union Station which is still in the design phase.

7. The Passenger Rail Task Force will report recommendations to Raleigh City Council on or about August 3rd. The Co-Chair of this task force has been contacted to let us know what their decision is.

The timeline for rail is estimated to be as follows:

2012 - Funding Secured

2013 - Construction Begins

2017-2018 - Trains start rolling

Overall, the high speed rail should be seen as progress for our area and there have been many studies done to evaluate the impact this will have in our communities. The initial plan was to go through Mordecai via CSX so the possible change in course is a new twist to this. Lets hope that the best decision is made according to sound economic, environmental and fiscal decisions.

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To view a map of our immediate area please click here. The file is about 4MB and is quite detailed.

The Passenger Rail Task Force recently came to a consensus indicating that the recommended route be the Norfolk Southern Route with conditions. Those conditions include but not limited to agreeing on such closures of certain roads with the expectations that other connectivity be created. ie Close one road, open another.

Comments are being accepted for this Southeast High Speed Rail Corridor plan until August 30th. Please refer to the Southeast High Speed Rail Corridor website at for information on how to comment or drop me a note and I will make sure that your comments are heard. - Shane Trahan

From Josh B. on Courtland in the Mordecai Neighborhood.
"...I was there and listened to every last speaker. Using the NS route could impact a soybean processing plant in Raleigh and a perishable foods company in Garner. A couple advocates promoted high speed rail
to Hampton Roads/Norfolk/VA Beach. A Five-Points woman became emotional over the closing of the Fairview road crossing if the NS route was chosen. A conductor explained that in two years, the
railways would be going 90mph "high speed" anyway as a result of
mandatory safety technology all trains will be required to have and
that using the existing, curvy rail right of way was not conducive to
true high-speed rail. Several reflected this sentiment about 110mph
not really being high-speed rail. One fellow suggested that the NS
and CSX lines be consolidated. Another suggested that if there was a
need for high speed rail, Capitalism would have made it happen. The
most common concerns were about how the crossings will be handled
As for direct impact on our neighborhood, about the only thing I have identified is that we'd get a security fence between our neighborhood
and the rails if the CSX route is selected and we may also get some
noise controls may be installed. I also learned that whichever route
is selected, the high-speed will co-exist with the existing freight

Philip Poe, Five Points CAC Chair, and Reid Serozi, Mordecai CAC, ride the R Line to the Public Hearing

Downtown Raleigh Map - CSX rail route near Mordecai

Downtown Raleigh Map - CSX rail route near Mordecai

Mordecai CAC Railroad Chair, Shane Trahan

Public Open House

Public Open House