Transflow Capacity Increase at CSX Rail Yard

Post date: Jul 27, 2010 1:47:34 AM

Transflow is a company that transfers commodities from rail cars to trucks for transport to facilities that do not have the capacity on

site to handle such a transfer. The company is requesting to add additional spots to offload items within the CSX yard and the N&O mis-

represented this as "doubling" the amount of freight in the yard. This is not the case. There is going to be an increase of spaces allocated

to the transflow operation. The impact on our neighborhood could be a potential increase in the amount of freight that is handled by Transflo to the CSX yard which could range from Lumber, Cooking Oil, to anything that can be transported via Rail.

The map below indicates where Transflo operations are as well as the estimated area of where expansion could be.

View Transflo Location in a larger map