Church Development - Blount Street Commons

Post date: Jun 11, 2010 2:33:30 AM

On June 8th, the Mordecai CAC was contacted by Real Estate Agent Peter Rumsey. He informed us about the plans for a church to purchase and develop property directly across the street from Peace College (on Peace Street) within the Blount Street Commons Development Project.

Peter Rumsey organized an informative meeting on June 9th with David Welch from LNR Property Corp, Hilary Stokes from

Prudential, Freddy Johnson from Watergardens LLC to present to Anita Watkins and Reid Serozi from Mordecai CAC

The property is currently a paved parking lot, and we often see trolley and shuttle buses parked.

The Blount Street Commons project was intended for a mix of residential and retail for this particular property along Peace

Street. Refer to the image on the development website

From Anita Watkins: The state had not envisioned the particular property to be developed by a institution. The plan was for a mixed

use of retail and residential units to line Peace Street (across from Peace) and was not to add new paved areas for parking.

David L Welch: The allocated retail and residential units that were planned for this property, now being purchased by the church, would be

relocated to other areas within this development project.

Peter Rumsey: He believes the church members will be the catalysis to purchase the homes in the Blount Street Commons and within the

local neighborhoods. Peter also shared the church’s vision to be a member of the neighborhood and not a closed door type of neighbor.

The Church is Anglican.

The Church would enter into contracts in early June and close on the property in August

The Church will also purchase and renovate the Jordan House for office use. The Jordan House is located on the corner of Blount and

Person Street. (Directly across the street from the Blount Street Commons Sales office.)

The Church will develop the property across the street from Peace in two phases, a parish hall and a worship hall. Money and logistics will

determine which phase goes first

The Commercial Property Group would add restrictions on the use of the property. For example, not allow for loitering.

No design plans have been constructed at this time

The Historic District Commission would need to approve portions of the design plans. A July meeting was noted as a possibility for review.

What's Next?

    • The Church will enter into contracts in the next few days.
    • There will need to be community input around design and traffic
    • The Mordecai CAC Zoning and Traffic Committee will ask the church to present to the community and gather input.