Clifton Street Parking Issues

Post date: Dec 9, 2010 2:31:44 AM

East Mordecai residents reached out to the CAC regarding on-going parking issues along Clifton Street near the Temple

Bapist church. Concerns were focused on drivers not able to see around the curve and emergency response trucks fitting through the narrow street in the event of an emergency.

The Temple Baptist Church holds a regular Wednesday bible study, which contributes to some parking concerns along Clifton Street.

Dana Deaton and Phlip Bernard from the CAC quickly responded and setup some time to meet near the church to review those concerns addressed by Leah and other East Mordecai residents. Dana reached out to the church and ask for a staff member to join the morning meeting.

Staff Members from the Temple Church joined several East Mordecai Residents including Dana and Philip Bernard. Dana said they accomplished several items from the informal meeting. One, met face to face with representatives from the church to establish a relationship. Two, the parking situation was addressed and the church offer some solutions. Last, CAC leaders and church staff agrreed to contact the city for more signs along Clifton that permitted parking.

Philip Bernard, CAC Traffic Chair, followed-up with city staff to begin conversations about applying for no parking signs along Clifton Street near the Church.

Philip drafted the following letter to City Staff from the public works division:

City of Raleigh/Public Works
Post Office Box 590
Raleigh, NC 27602
Thank you for meeting me on sight to review the difficult parking situation on Clifton Street adjacent to the Temple Baptist Church.
As you suggested, I am sending this letter as a representative of the Mordecai CAC to formally request that “ No Parking” signs be placed on the “church side” of Clifton Street between Wake Forest Road and Harding Street. As I explained,  after meeting with residents in the neighborhood along Clifton Street and a representative from the church, both parties seemed to agree that if “No Parking” signs were placed on this side of the street by the City that any issue regarding safe passage along the street particularly on Wednesday mornings would be satisfactorily resolved. The church representatives did not feel comfortable asking church goers not to park along this portion of the street if not properly marked by the City.  Therefore, the City’s support of this goal is crucial.
Respectfully submitted,