New Traffic-Calming Projects

Post date: Aug 31, 2012 1:25:29 AM

The City of Raleigh’s goal is to complete three major traffic-calming projects and eight to 10 minor projects a year on residential streets.

Major projects would entail significant modification to a street, including installing curb extensions, median islands, bulb-outs or traffic circles. Minor projects would typically include speed humps or speed tables.

Below are major traffic-calming projects that are currently in the design process:

• Kaplan Drive from Kent Road to Melbourne Road;

• Brookside Drive from Watauga Street to Glascock Street;

• Glascock Street from Norris Street to North Raleigh Boulevard;

• Rainwater Road from Spring Forest Road to Hunting Ridge Road; and,

• Milburnie Road from Raleigh Boulevard to Chatham Lane;

Minor traffic-calming projects are listed in two categories: minor projects beginning the construction process and minor projects in the design process. Minor projects beginning the construction process are:

• Shelley Road from North Hills Drive to Six Forks Road;

• Rose Lane from Maplewood Road to Poole Road;

• Baugh Street from Old Buffaloe Road to Starmount Drive;

• Northbook Drive from North Hills Drive to Pamlico Drive;

• Wimbleton Drive to its two intersections with Shelley Road;

• Glascock Street from Wake Forest Road to Norris Street;

• Merrie Road from Avent Ferry Road to Merwin Road; and,

• East Rowan Street from Six Forks Road to Lakemont Drive.

Minor traffic-calming projects proceeding through the design phase are;

• Lake Boone Trail from Dixie Trail to Brooks Avenue;

• Southgate Drive from Rock Quarry Road to Red Quartz Drive;

• Southgate Drive from Star Sapphire Drive to Red Quartz Drive;

• Beverly Drive from Little John Road to Poole Road;

• Neuse Crossing Drive from Cashew Drive to Mitchell Mill Road;

• Marcom Street from Stovall Drive to Varsity Drive; and,

• Rumson Road from Marlborough Road to Barksdale Drive.

The City Council is scheduled to receive an update on traffic-calming projects at its Sept. 18 meeting.

For more information about the City of Raleigh’s traffic-calming efforts, including the citizen petition process, contact Traffic Calming Coordinator Thomas Fiorello at 919-996-4066 or; or visit the City’s website at