Noise Violations Reported

Post date: Jan 29, 2010 3:14:04 AM

Noise, or unwanted sound, can be an unwelcome by-product of our built environment, seriously degrading the "quality of life" in our residential, business, and mixed-use communities.

The MCAC Team has taken a keen interest in these reports and is interested in being your sound board and resource to help resolve these issues.

To report noise violations, we as residents of the MCAC can be active to resolve noise issues with two steps.

Step 1 - Report noise violations by calling 911

All residents have the right to report noise violations to the Raleigh Police Department. The Police Department will investigate the report. Every resident needs to report a noise violation when heard. Not reporting, does not allow the Police Dept and City Zoning Dept. to enforce such violations in a timely fashion.

Step 2 - Log noise violation using the MCAC online form.

The information provided on this on-line form will be shared with the MCAC Co-Chairs and Zoning Chair. The MCAC Leadership Team will communicate with the business reported on your behalf. The MCAC Zoning Chair will also work closely with the City of Raleigh Police and Zoning Department to continue efforts to resolve noise issues. The data entered helps keep the MCAC in the loop, since police reports are not analyzed on a regular basis by your MCAC.

No data entered will be shared with any businesses or residents outside of the MCAC Leradership Team.

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