Procedural Meeting about St Augustine's College proposed 5000 seat stadium

Post date: Jun 23, 2011 4:37:35 PM

Written BY Helen Tart

Summary of the Saint Augustine's College presentation on their

proposed 5000 seat stadium on campus at the June North Central CAC


More info on upcoming meetings at the end of the email.


JUNE 28, 2011, 7pm



Representatives of St Augustine's College attended the North Central

CAC Meeting on June 14, 2011. Mark Newman was accompanied by College

attorney Clyde Holt for the meeting. Mark Newman let the neighborhood

know that the new track and football field construction is complete

and Phase I is concluded and added that the track has been built to

international competition standards. They also presented information

on Phase II which is the proposed 5,000 seat stadium. The College has

submitted its Special Use Permit application for the 5,000 with the

City of Raleigh, as of May 26, 2011 and expects to be heard by City

Council at its meeting on July 19, 2011. Mr. Holt has been retained to

aid the College with the Special Use Permit process.

The stadium plan proposes the construction of stadium and/or bleacher

type seating, the removal of trees to create paved and grass surface

parking spaces, 3 driveway entrances on N. State St across from

historic Capital Heights, at Tyler and Van Buren, and Penn streets.

Additionally, the plans show the construction of a new road and

driveway access below the stadium to Glascock St at Bennett St.,

producing a four-way intersection. Additional facilities for lighting

and a sound system are included in the plan. There are outlines in the

plans for new

building construction.

The College plans to use these expanded facilities for St Augustine's

football games and the College's men's and women's track and field

meets, Convocation, Graduation, and other school events. Some events

will be televised. Mr Newman suggested the College would make the

facility available to other organizations such as Special Olympics and

for other events.

In order to proceed, the college must get approval of the Special User

Permit application, for the seating from the City Council and must

also get approval of the site plan from the City Planning Commission.

In 2004, the College applied for a Special Use Permit for a 5,000 seat

stadium and was approved for 2,500 seats after compelling testimony

was prepared and delivered by neighbors who expressed their concerns

on the negative impact such a large facility would have on the

adjacent and surrounding neighbors and neighborhoods. The result was

the reduction to 2,500 seats and some restrictive provisions regarding

the facility’s use.

The College did not proceed with that effort under the 2004 approved

site plan. The Phase I construction just completed by the College

required significant changes to the approved site plan. Now that the

site plan is changed, the College is no longer approved for the 2,500

seats under the 2004 Special Use Permit. This provides the neighbors a

new opportunity to voice their opinions about the expansion of this

facility, limit its size, and request restrictions regarding the

College's use of this facility.

The City Council hearing is a quasi-judicial function and requires

individuals to have good cause and reason for giving the testimony

they present. The compilation of testimony requires organization and

effort and there is not a lot of time.

A meeting is scheduled for 7 pm, June 28, 2011 at the Tarboro Parks

and Recreation Center to provide citizens with a forum to ask

questions of City Planning staff about the Special Use Permit Approval

and Site Plan Approval processes to aid in testimony preparation. This

is not a meeting to voice opinions about the project - those must be

submitted and supported by your testimony in the hearings. The City

Planning staff was invited to come to assist the members of our

neighborhoods who need a resource knowledgeable in these proceedings.

Please plan to attend June 28, 2011, at the Tarboro Parks and

Recreation Center, 7pm, at 121 N Tarboro Rd, Raleigh 27610. Octavia

Rainey, Chair, North Central CAC, will be present.

Mark your calendars for July 19, 2011 City Council Meeting and plan to

testify or attend to show your support of your neighbors and

neighborhoods. (This date is subject to change by City Planning or

City Council.)