Raleigh City Farm's Zoning Case will be heard in July

Post date: Apr 6, 2011 12:50:43 AM

Raleigh City Farm's Citizen Petition was a success per April 5th evening city council meeting.

The City Farm members filed a REQUESTS AND PETITIONS OF CITIZEN so their zoning case could be heard in July, due to a text error on the city's website that disqualified the Raleigh City Farm's previous zoning neighborhood meetings held at Hope Elementary.

"Andy Petesch, Raleigh City Farm, would like for the Council to authorize staff to accept a rezoning petition for the July 19, 2011 hearing or authorize a special hearing for the case. Additional information is included in the agenda packet"

Outcome per council: There zoning case will be heard in July as originally planned, but are required to hold another neighborhood

zoning meeting for residents within a 100 ft perimeter of the empty lot.