Traffic Calming on Glascock Street Approved

Post date: Apr 9, 2012 1:39:52 AM

By Philip Bernard: City Council voted unanimously to approve the minor traffic calming measures on Glascock Street.

Thanks to all of the residents who came out in support of the measures and to those who spoke passionately about life on a street where excessive speeding is a constant danger and problem. Special notice was mentioned to monitor potential cut-thru on adjacent streets Sasser, Holden, Watauga, and Lafayette. At citizen request, one of the four speed humps will be adjusted in position to accommodate a new driveway curb cut.

Thanks also to those who wrote letters to council members, sent comments, attended design meetings, and helped circulate the petitions.

Tom Fiorello with Public Works Dept. will be at next week's CAC meeting to answer any questions about this and other traffic calming initiatives in our area. Brookside Dr. South is undergoing a design process currently as a major traffic calming project.