Traffic Calming Public Workshops

Post date: Jul 6, 2011 6:24:42 PM

Petitions for traffic calming measures in our neighborhood were circulated earlier this year. Volunteers collected signatures door to door from residents whose properties faced the streets that were selected. Thanks go to Rebecca Hayes, Vanese Clough, Helen Tart, and Russell Gorga for helping to get the petitions signed.

Three sections of streets were selected due to their inclusion in a priority list generated by Tom Fiorello's office in the Public Works Department. The sections were Glascock Street from Wake Forest Road to Brookside Drive, Brookside Drive/North from Wake Forest Road to Glascock Street, and Brookside Drive/South from Glascock Street to Watauga Street (see map below). A minimum number of signatures (75%) were required to qualify for traffic calming. Glascock Street and Brookside/South qualified but Brookside/ North did not. After numerous and varied attempts to collect the minimum number of signatures from this section, volunteers were just not able to connect with the required number of residents.

For the next step in the process, invitations are being sent out to the residents who signed the petition to attend traffic calming public workshops scheduled for streets within the Mordecai CAC. According to Tom Fiorello, the workshops are geared toward residents on these streets. Additional invitations have been sent out police, fire, City Council, our CAC chairs, and other city staff. Fiorello said that the main focus will be the residents who have to live with the treatments after they are intalled and that they will have the largest say.

All folks who are interested are welcome to attend.

Traffic calming measures are not limited to "speed bumps" but may include other appropriate measures such as "on street parking" and median and curb extentions that force drivers to alter their path of travel and subsequently reduce their speeds. These measures will be explained and presented at these workshops.

Both meetings will begin at 7pm and are scheduled as follows:

Glascock Street – West: Wednesday, July 20th @ Lions Park

Brookside Drive – South: Wednesday August 17th @ Lions Park

Tom Fiorello

Public Works Department

City of Raleigh

PO Box 590, Suite 400

Raleigh, NC 27602

Office:(919) 996-4066