Halloween 2020

The Mordecai CAC leadership team, in conjunction with a group of neighborhood parents, has developed community Halloween recommendations. We created this list based on the NCDHSS Guidelines for Halloween. These are simply suggestions, and we know that not everyone in the community celebrates Halloween or will feel safe participating this year. For those of you that do participate, we hope that you will have a fun, safe, and spooky Halloween! Please take photos and share them on social media with the hashtag #MordecaiRaleigh.

It's Halloween! We're looking forward to tonight! Please follow the neighborhood guidelines for Trick-or-Treating. Here is the community treat map, too!

TREAT MAP: https://bit.ly/37QCFv6

More detailed version:

Halloween in the Mordecai Community! October 31, 2020

There has been discussion among neighbors about how we should proceed with Trick-or-Treating, so the MCAC leadership has compiled some recommendations.

Trick-or-Treating will take place in the Mordecai Community (Mordecai, Oakdale, East Mordecai, Pilot Mill, Capital Park, and Person/Blount neighborhoods included)

  • Trick-or-Treat hours: 5:30-8:30

For people staying at home:

  • If you do not want to participate in Trick-or-Treating, please leave all porch lights OFF.

  • If you choose to participate, please leave porch lights ON.

  • Consider sitting outside on your front porch or in your yard to greet trick-or-treaters at a safe social distance. We are discouraging kids from ringing doorbells.

  • Follow the state guideline suggestions for distributing candy:

    • Encourage no or low touch trick-or-treating

    • Line up individually wrapped goodie bags for families to grab and go while continuing to social distance (such as at the end of a driveway or at the edge of a yard)

    • If you are preparing goodie bags, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 second before and after preparing the bags.

    • Place individual pieces of candy spaced out on a table for families/children to take themselves

    • Use a “candy chute” or tube to pass along candy from the porch to trick or treaters standing 6 feet away

  • Please wear masks and gloves if handling candy.

  • Please keep 6 feet social distance

For Trick-or-Treaters and adult chaperones:

  • Do not go on porches to ring doorbells. If neighbors want to participate and distribute candy, they should be sitting outside or have placed the candy outside for you to safely take.

  • Please wear masks

  • Please keep 6 feet social distance if you come up to another group of trick-or-treaters.

  • Stay with your group and listen to the grownups!

  • If a neighbor has placed candy in goodie bags or as individual pieces, only take ONE bag or piece of candy.

  • If a neighbor has a candy chute, please line up and take your turn. Do not crowd around the chute.