Holiday Crime Prevention Reminder

Post date: Nov 30, 2012 4:50:28 PM

As the holidays approach let us all watch each other’s back and keep one another safe. Together we can keep the Mordecai Community Safe!!Lock your doors on cars and homes and sheds- Keep your belongings safe by always locking your doors. No need to create an opportunity for someone by simply forgetting to do this simple task!

    • Hide belongings - Keep your belongings in your trunk while at the mall or shopping and do not leave anything of value on your deck porch or within site of the street. Do not welcome people on to your property!
    • If you are heading out of town - Get a neighbor to check on your property!!! Get some timer lights to give the illusion that someone is home and do not let mail or newspapers pile up while you are gone.
    • Watch for suspicious activity - Note any suspicious activity and send an email to this list and DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL 911!! If something seems out of place or someone just doesn't seem to belong call 911. CALL 911 and report it.
    • Light up the Mordecai Community! - Lets all turn on our porch lights and keep our community bright! Burglars like dark places! If you have motion lights keep those on at night to detect any movement.
    • Street Light Outages - Report street light outages immediately. SeeClickFix is an easy tool to report outages.
    • After the Holidays, break down all the boxes that indicate that you have that new 80 inch TV. You are simply listing your home contents!
  • Report ANY suspicious activity to 911.


Shane Trahan, CAC Crime Watch and Leaf Collection Advocate