Merrilee and Ken Jacobson, received Tom Oglesby Dan Sears Community Builder Award

Post date: Nov 5, 2010 12:06:02 PM

By: Philip Bernard

Congratulations Merrilee and Ken Jacobson on receiving the Tom Oglesby Dan Sears Community Builder Award. I can think of no two people who deserve this award more as they exemplify exactly what Tom Oglesby and Dan Sears did as they tirelessly worked together, (and I emphasize WORK TOGETHER) to make our Mordecai neighborhoods a better place to live.

When I first moved to Mordecai in 2002 and came to

my first Mordecai CAC meeting, I distinctly remember

looking around the meeting room at the Tucker House

and seeing a very attractive couple sitting on the first

row. As I observed them it was obvious that Merrilee

was listening intently to the various speakers and taking

notes so I deduced she was the secretary. An although

he was not taking notes, Ken was listening just

as intently and making mental notes on his own. After

the meeting was over, not knowing anyone, I immediately

headed toward Ken and Merrilee to introduce myself

because I had the feeling that these two people

knew what was going on. And they certainly did. They

answered my questions and made me feel right at

home. I helped Ken and others to put up chairs at the

end thinking how the CAC was a great way to get involved

in the neighborhood -something that Ken and

Merrilee together had already found out years before


When I took the MCAC Co-Chairmanship with Shane, I

noticed that Ken and Merrilee rarely missed a meeting.

Merrilee's minutes were always spot on and the fact

that she was secretary during so many chairmanships

with Ken by her side meant that they both lended a stability

and consistency to the CAC which was invaluable

to keeping our CAC up to date and strong. Their physical

presence in setting up the annual picnic has helped

to keep that tradition alive, getting tables from their

church, volunteering to help with any aspect which fell


I've noticed that people come and go in the CAC, they

make their mark then move on, but Ken and Merrilee

keep regularly attending our meetings and keep getting

involved. They are often the first to show up at any

meeting involving our neighborhood. Merrilee is often

the first to send an email of support for a new initiative,

and Ken the first one to say thanks for a job well done.

Like Tom and Dan, Merrilee and Ken make an invincible

pair and we thank you both so much for making

Mordecai truly a great place to live.