Message and Survey from List Serve Managers

Post date: Jun 2, 2010 2:19:59 PM

The Mordecai CAC list serve provides a quick, secure venue in which members can post items pertaining to issues of community wide interest in a spam free environment. As a reminder, posts on the list serve should conform to the guidelines which may be found at:

Because we are a non-moderated list serve, occasionally an advertisement or inappropriate post will slip through. When this happens, we generally notify the sender “off” list serve that they have posted in error and direct them to the guidelines. Please remember that we are all neighbors and wish to keep threads brief, informative, and friendly!

Why no advertising? With over 300 members now on the list serve, it is important for everyone to refrain from posting homes for sale, their businesses and services, and personal items for sale. If everyone were to post these types of advertisements, our

IN BOXES would be continually full!

We do encourage members, especially newcomers to the neighborhood, to ask questions or ask for recommendations on home service providers. We also encourage folks to post when their pets go missing and when they have free items to give away on their front curb.

We’d like your feedback, so please take a few minutes to fill out the following survey:

Please log in your responses by June 15, 2010, and thank you for helping to make our list serve a great tool for communication in our collective neighborhoods.