Neighborhood Crime Alert - (December 2010)

Post date: Dec 4, 2010 1:59:51 AM

Spoke with our Raleigh Community Police Officer on Friday, Dec 3rd. He asked me to pass on the following information.

We have received notification of additional home break ins or attempted break ins in the immediate area, even after the recent arrest of another burglar being linked to several home break-ins.

The suspect is a white male, maybe riding a bicycle. Police Officers are using the following picture in an effort to locate this suspect. Click on the picture to enlarge

or visit to watch a security camera video clip.Police report the suspect is primarily targeting windows and rear entrances.

Pay attention to strangers in your neighborhood that may be pacing in front of a home or riding a bicycle back and forth on your street.

As always, CALL 911 to report any suspicious activity.

Kudos to you! Residents in the Mordecai CAC community are taking action against possible crime. Did you know more and more residents are calling 911 after seeing something suspicious? We as a community are sending a strong message that our neighborhoods are not an opportunity for crime. This year, more and more residents are joining the CAC Community Google Group to communicate with others about suspicious activity.

I spoke with our CAC community watch leader, Shane Trahan, this morning. He said, "With the holidays fast approaching it's important we remember the basics for crime preventative. Only together we can help protect our neighbors and ourselves from being potential victims of crimes in our neighborhood. Lately, we have all been communicating wonderfully and lets keep it up. Communication is key to eliminating crimes in our community!!"

Office Taylor with the Raleigh Police Dept has the same to say. He is very impressed on how many residents know to call 911 after seeing suspicious activity. Recently, residents from Oakdale, East Mordecai and Historic Mordecai reported activity which resulted in a quick response from Raleigh Police.

Neighbors, let's all remember to do the following:

If you are traveling

      • Get an automatic timer for your lights
    • Ask your neighbors to watch your home
      • Have you mail / newspaper delivery stopped. If it piles up, it’s a sure sign you’re away
      • If possible, keep yard neat, this can also indicate someone is away

Lock your doors on cars and homes and sheds.

Hide belongings - Keep your belongings in your trunk while at the mall or shopping and do not leave anything of value on your deck porch.

Watch for suspicious activity - Note any suspicious activity and DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL 911 Afterwards, communicate what you see with the CAC Community Google Group.

Light up Your Home - turn on our porch lights and keep our

community bright! Motion lights are inexpensive and easy to install.

Street Light Outages - Report street light outages immediately.

Break down all the boxes at the curb - that indicate that you have that new 80 inch TV. You are simply listing your home contents!

Don't let strangers into your home - and be weary of anyone knocking on your door after dark.