Recycling to Phase In Roll Carts!

Post date: Mar 3, 2010 2:31:39 AM

From Linda A. Leighton, Waste Reduction Specialist @ City of Raleigh

City Council has unanimously voted to phase in moving to biweekly collection for recycling using fully automated collection and 95 gallon roll carts. There will be no fee increase to residents for this change in service. The switch over to carts will take place over a four year period with 25% of the city residents coming on board beginning with the new fiscal year in July. Each year for the following three years another 25% of the city will be brought into the new program until all residents are using the roll cart system.

There are many details to be worked out and questions to be resolved and the Solid Waste Services team is hard at work doing just that!

We will be initiating a small “pilot” or “test” area prior to the beginning of the fiscal year that will help us identify problems and resolve them ahead of time. Four routes areas of approximately 1,000 homes each have been identified and will likely receive their carts around the beginning of May. The routes are NW22, NE27, SW22 and SE24. If you do not know what your route is you may look it up by going to Find My Service Day.


· Raleigh Recycling will begin phasing in biweekly roll cart recycling beginning July 1

· Four test areas of 1,000 households will start around May 1

· 95 gallon size roll cart will be used

· Carts will be blue with graphics of the items accepted embedded in the lids

· For residents wishing a smaller size a 65 gallon cart will be available (post card will be sent prior to delivery with # to call)

· For a very limited number of townhome/condo communities green bins MAY still be used. This will be decided on a case by case basis and will be community wide based on the truck servicing the area.

· Once carts are delivered, recyclables will not be collected if they are set out in green bins.

· Residents will be allowed to keep their green bins if they wish to store their recyclables indoors and transport them out to the cart. Those not wishing to keep their bin will have them picked up when their cart is delivered.

That is all that we have at this time and it is subject to change! You may feel free to send your comments and suggestions and I will share them with our team. Please be aware that I don’t have answers to any other questions at this time. As more information becomes available, I will pass it on.

Happy recycling!

Linda A. Leighton

Waste Reduction Specialist

City of Raleigh


Aim For Nothing - Zero Waste!

Note from MCAC Co-Chair Reid Serozi: None of the routes listed in Linda's email is in the MCAC district. I did ask if the Mordecai CAC could be apart of the pilot, but the pilot process has already been defined. The pilot is mainly targeting new areas of service. The city appreciates our willingest to be active in solid waste changes.

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