T-shirt Sale

Mordecai T-shirts for sale! September 2020

The 38th annual Mordecai picnic has been postponed until 2021, but you can still celebrate this wonderful neighborhood by purchasing a T-shirt! In addition to the styles pictured below ($10 each), we also have a few of the special edition 20th and 30th anniversary shirts for $20.

To reserve a shirt and make payment arrangements, please contact Picnic Chairperson Merrilee Jacobson at picnic@mordecaicac.org.

Sizes available:

Purple (these run small and picture the Mordecai House)

19 medium

4 large

Black (these also run small and list Raleigh’s historic neighborhoods)

5 medium

9 large

4 XL

Blue (picturing the Mordecai House)

8 small

1 medium

20th Anniversary

1 small

1 large

1 XL

30th Anniversary

1 medium

1 XL