Raleigh City Farm - Rezoning request next Tuesday, July 19th

Post date: Jul 14, 2011 11:32:19 PM


Notice is given that a joint meeting of the Raleigh City Council and Planning Commission is to be held on Tuesday, July 19, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chamber of the Avery Upchurch Municipal Building. Public hearings will be conducted to consider changing the City's zoning ordinance and map and to amend the City's Comprehensive Plan.

Zoning Case: Z-11-11 Franklin St., north side, east of its intersection with North Blount Street, being various Wake County PINs. Approx. 1.34 acres are requested by JT Hobby and Son, Inc. to amend conditions for the property rezoned Shopping Center Conditional Use. The proposal would remove agriculturally related uses from the current list of prohibited uses, but would otherwise retain all current zoning conditions. (Staff Contact, Stan Wingo, 919-516-2663,stan.wingo@raleighnc.gov).

Information on Zoning Petition

Please see the following five attached documents (PDF) at the bottom of the webpage.

Mordecai CAC Voted Yes

From the June 14, 2011 CAC Meeting Minutes: "Raleigh City Farm: We voted to support the Raleigh City Farm. Motion from May: Philip Bernard made the motion that the CAC support the Raleigh City Farm and request of rezoning of property at the corner of Blount and Franklin Street. Ken Jacobson seconded the motion."

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Letter of Support from Raleigh City Farm

July 2011
Mordecai Neighbors and Friends of Raleigh City Farm,
Thank you for your excitement and support of Raleigh City Farm during our earliest stages. We are now a North Carolina Nonprofit Corporation and in the process of finalizing the lease on the land owned by Hobby Properties on the corner of Franklin & Blount Streets. The public hearing on our rezoning request comes before the City Council and Planning Commission next Tuesday, July 19th!
Here's where we need your help: please email, write or call our City Councilors and/or Planning Commission members this week and let them know about your enthusiasm for urban farming in the neighborhood.
Key points you may want to mention include:
·Urban agriculture is an appropriate and welcomed use of the vacant land on N. Blount Street between Delway and Franklin Streets.
· There is great interest in bringing urban agriculture to Raleigh. A community-based food system is an integral part of a secure, thriving and vibrant future for both the Mordecai Neighborhood and the City.
· Raleigh should capitalize on this opportunity to demonstrate leadership in this emerging agricultural model that focuses on sustainability, productivity, efficiency, accessibility, and enhancing community values.
In sum,
Who: You!
What: Contact your Councilors and Planning Commission members.
Why: To support RCF’s rezoning request to allow urban agriculture at the corner of Franklin & N. Blount Streets.
When: This week. Contacts should be made before the July 19th hearing.
How: City Council contacts are here -
Planning Commission contacts are here - 
On behalf of the Raleigh City Farm team, thank you.
Laura Fieselman
Raleigh City Farm