Leaf Collection

Leaf Collection Time 

Fall is here and city-wide leaf collection will begin October 30, 2023. In the Mordecai community, our weeks are November 6 and January 22.

Raleigh neighborhoods are divided into 12 zones for this service. The Mordecai Community is spread across two leaf collection zones numbered 8 and 11. Crews will start collecting in Zone 10 and continue to the remaining zones as weather and equipment allow. Please check the collection schedule or interactive map on when to place your leaves at the curb for pickup.

ZONE 11 begins November 6: Those living west of Wake Forest Rd including the Mordecai, Pilot Mill and Capital Park neighborhood.

ZONE 8 begins January 22: Those living east of Wake Forest Rd including the East Mordecai, Oakdale and Oakwood neighborhoods.

Other Impacts: The loose leaf collection program is weather-dependent. Cold, wet weather, especially snow and ice, can tremendously slow or even suspend the program for several days with each occurrence. City staff continually monitors the weather and assess our ability to safely provide services. If collections are suspended or staff is diverted to address snow and ice events or substantial rain events, the collection schedule will be adversely affected.

Alternatives to Loose Leaf Collection: We encourage you to consider using other options to manage leaves:

The city website can be found at https://raleighnc.gov/leaf

Please separate tree trimmings, shrubs, and other types of yard debris from your loose leaves. These items can damage vacuum equipment and create a safety hazard for crews. Yard waste and bagged leaves will continue to be collected on scheduled yard waste collection day. Leaves need to be raked to the curb and not into the street. Raking leaves into the street creates a safety hazard and can result in flooding when leaves are washed into the storm water system.

Please keep leaf piles away from obstructions such as parked vehicles, fire hydrants, mailboxes, fencing, designer landscaping, water meters, utility poles and guy wires. Our crews need room to work and do not want to damage our equipment or your property while collecting loose leaves.